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Forksters Daily Band Review

"Hands Off Gretel are a sensational ‘striving & thriving’ alternative rock sound/band hailing out of Barnsley, South Yorkshire, England. I immediately felt a ‘willing & thrilling’ connection with these electrifying alternative rockers through my ear rock modules. They launch out dynamic and crisp. grungy yet post-punk riff jolt gems. The female vocal presentations pierce your rock n’ roll adventures with an uplifting intensity which are as good as you get, brilliant talent here. The rhythm unit wickedly soar out magnetic ‘boom & bang’ stomp that backbones the overall groove tremendously. This is ‘outstanding’ talent for the short duration of the band’s music existence and are only going to progress and gravitate to true rock n’ roll music appreciators around the globe, ‘top band’". "Hands Off Gretel will be very admirable listening to fans of: alternative rock, grunge, post-punk, rock n’ roll thunder, punk rock edge."

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